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"If we can’t write diversity into sci-fi, then what’s the point? You don’t create new worlds to give them all the same limits of the old ones."

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Harry Potter: Re-imagined 

-Ginny Weasley

-Neville Longbottom

-Luna Lovegood

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those moments when straight people assume you’re one of them and you feel like a gay secret agent


bi spy 

it’s an ace case

Secret gaygent.

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Master list of fake documentaries (aka docufiction/mockumentaries)




Yes, all of these are fake, despite any attempts to pass them off as real *coughMERMAIDScough*. Without further ado, here are some great mockumentaries! I’ll include a short description and where you can watch them.

The Poughkeepsie Tapes: When police raid a house in a city north of New York, they discover a profoundly disturbing record of one man’s ugly crimes. Investigators find over 800 videotapes shot by the killer which present a visual record of his murders in all their horrifying details. Both state and federal law enforcement teams sift through the gruesome images, looking for clues of his identity, the identity of his victims, and where he could have gone. Repeated viewings of the materials reveal little beyond the terrible facts of the crimes, and as the authorities comb through the madman’s images, they find the tapes have had a disquieting effect on them.

Alien Planet: A futuristic mockumentary that follows the journey of two robot probes (Leo and Ike) that are sent to the alien planet Darwin IV in order to investigate it and look for signs of life. Amazingly, Darwin IV proves to be teeming with life, all of it totally unique and like nothing ever seen by human eyes. Much of the documentary is devoted to these strange alien creatures, describing them and showing their life cycles. 

The Last Dragon: A Fantasy Made Real: This film puts forward a speculative evolution that dragons may have undergone from the Cretaceous period up to the 15th century, and also features ideas about what dragon life and behavior might have been like if they had existed and evolved. It follows two storylines; the first is about the dragons themselves, showing them in their natural habitats throughout history. The second is about a modern-day scientist who believes in dragons and investigates the frozen remains of an unknown creature in order to try and identify it as a dragon and save his reputation. 

Megalodon: The Giant Shark LivesMegalodon was one of the most terrifying creatures in Earth’s history; in essence, it was a 50-foot-long Great White Shark. Thankfully, it’s thought to have gone extinct at least 1.5-2 million years ago. However, this documentary posits that Megalodon never went extinct and is still swimming around to this day (spoiler: It isn’t. Or, at least there’s no evidence that it is).

Mermaids: The Body FoundIn 2012, Animal Planet released this fake documentary that tells the story of a team of scientific investigators that try to uncover the source behind mysterious underwater recordings of an unidentified marine creature. 

The Tunnel: A horror film in the style of a documentary that follows an investigation into a government cover-up that eventually leads to a network of abandoned train tunnels deep beneath the heart of Sydney. As a journalist and her crew hunt for the story it quickly becomes clear the story is hunting them.

The Future is Wild (TV series): A thirteen-part documentary television miniseries. Based on research and interviews with several scientists, the miniseries shows how life could evolve in the future if humans were to disappear from the Earth altogether through extinction (a later broadcast instead stated that humans had abandoned the Earth and took refuge on another planet, later sending probes back to their home planet to see how life had developed while they were gone). The show took the form of a nature documentary. (NOTE: Sadly, I’ve been unable to locate any episodes of this amazing series online, all the links have been taken down. However, you can buy a used DVD set off of Amazon for very little money. I did that last year and couldn’t be happier with my set! I really can’t recommend this series enough, it’s what jumpstarted my love of mockumentaries).

Various dinosaur/prehistoric life mockumentariesI’ve already compiled a list of these, so just click the link to see what they are!

Lake MungoLake Mungo is about a grieving family seeking to uncover their dead daughter’s secrets, which may be the cause of why she has seemingly been unable to move on. Along the way, they unveil horrifying secrets about their daughter that may have been better off left untouched.

Incident at Loch NessThis mockumentary (starring, written, and directed by acclaimed director Werner Herzog) is about Herzog himself traveling to the Scottish Highlands to make a documentary, Enigma of Loch Ness, which will explain the myth of the Loch Ness Monster. Meanwhile, another documentary film crew is making a film about Werner Herzog himself, and we see the production of Enigma from their point of view. Shooting on a rented boat, tensions begin to rise as director Herzog and his producer, Zak Penn, find themselves at cross-purposes on the black surface of Loch Ness. Things get very edgy when the film crew starts seeing shapes below the murky water…

Lovely Monster (short film): The “true” story of Sophia, a young woman dealing with a rare and very dangerous condition. Despite only clocking in at 5 minutes, Lovely Monster manages to pack in a lot of suspense and an ending that will definitely catch you off-guard. 

This Is Spinal Tap/Best In Show/A Mighty Wind: A trio of films by director Christopher Guest, all known for their improvisational humor and reoccurring cast. Guest himself is credited with jumpstarting the mockumentary genre. This Is Spinal Tap follows the fictional British heavy-metal band Spinal Tap and their various misadventures. Best in Show is follows five entrants in a prestigious dog show and focuses on the interactions among the various owners and handlers as they travel to the show and compete, and after the show. A Mighty Wind is about a folk music reunion concert in which three folk bands must reunite for a television performance for the first time in decades. Special mention goes to Best In Show, my personal favorite.

Life After People: This documentary explores what would happen to Earth if mankind were to suddenly disappear. Over thousands and thousands of years, the Earth begins to reclaim lost territory until almost nothing of human civilization is left. Life After People also went on to become a TV series with two seasons.

Metalosis Maligna (short film): A short film about a fictitious disease called “Metalosis Maligna.” The disease occurs when a metal implant has a bad reaction with human tissue, causing the metal to grow tendrils that eventually puncture the skin from within and destroy it. The short film covers all of the disease’s stages, from the beginning to the horrifying and gory end, when the infection has become so severe that entire sections of flesh have rotted off, leaving behind nothing but a skeleton of scrap metal. 

Dark Side of the Moon: The basic premise for the film is the theory that the television footage from the Apollo 11 Moon landing was faked and recorded in a studio by the CIA with help from director Stanley Kubrick. However, the purpose of the mockumentary is not to convince the audience that the Moon landing was faked, but rather to envision what may have happened if it actually was.

That’s all I have, be sure to add onto the list if you have any others you can think of!

I’ve seen almost all of these, they’re great. 


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what an idiot

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When you see information that is WRONG on the INTERNET and you have to struggle with whether to correct it or just leave it.

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Me: Mum are you speaking French to the dogs?
Mum: No.
Me: ...
Me: Are you speaking French to your phone?
Mum: Yes.
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how to get me to unfollow u in 1 easy step

look at all the tears in the notes



how to get me to unfollow u in 1 easy step

look at all the tears in the notes

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